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ORTHOMONiTOR is a wearable device that supports patient self-management and promotes faster recovery from conditions that impair posture and mobility. It can be embedded in all orthopaedic bracing and footwear to detect wear-time compliance and therapeutic efficacy.
Smart Solutions
Providers face constant pressure to improve and demonstrate the effect of orthotic treatments. The treatment success is significantly influenced by the wearing habits of patients. The technological developments of Kinematix open new possibilities to engage patients in their treatment, to improve their behaviour, and to achieve better outcomes.
Take everything on evidence
ORTHOMONiTOR introduces an evidence-based approach to the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, stroke rehabilitation and other mobility disorders. Compliance monitoring provides doctors with exact information about the wearing habits of their patients. Activity monitoring provides patients with important feedback to encourage them to wear their orthotics, and to make sure that their activity levels match the prescriptions.
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Press Release
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Press Release
Testimonials: ORTHOMONiTOR helps to improve the rehabilitation process
Healing a persistent foot ulcer
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Improving treatment through patient motivation
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Key Features

Promotes patient engagement and
faster recovery
Provides evidence of clinical efficacy
Supports reimbursements and payer-related audits
ORTHOMONiTOR continuously detects and reports:
Registers the periods during the day that patient is wearing the brace or prosthetic.
Measures daily activity parameters: strides, cadence, number of walks and duration.
ORTHOMONiTOR saves up to 6 months of information (can be re-started after this period) to be analyzed with user-friendly software.
It comes with desktop software and mobile apps that guide the patient through treatment cycle.
How does it work?
ORTHOMONiTOR saves up on itself the information. The device combines a unique set of sensors to detect a full range of variables that guide patients through the treatment protocol - smartphone app; and support clinicians on the outcome analysis - software supplied together. It can be fully integrated in any type of orthotic or prosthetic.
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Technical Specifications
Weight 1.06 oz (30 g)
Length 1.18 in (30 mm)
Width 1.42 in (36 mm)
Depth (w/ battery) 0.52 in (13.2 mm)
Battery Life (rechargeable) +3 months
Connectivity BLE, USB
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